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Nitto Off-Road Tires

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OTR Tires

Tire & Wheel Mart is a proud supplier of off-the-road tires and wheels for Sacramento, CA, Auburn, CA, Grass Valley, CA, and other surrounding areas. We carry a wide selection of quality Nitto and Cooper OTR tires, and we sell OTR wheels from popular brands like ATX, XD, Fuel, Helo, Moto Metal, Diamo, American Eagle, and American Racing.

OTR Tires Sacramento, CAOTR tire and wheel assemblies are durable and can support a variety of heavy equipment applications. From dump trucks and front-end loaders to towing tractors and rubber tired gantry cranes (RTGs), the off-the-road tire and wheel industries are as large and varied as their customer bases. Whether you ride on dirt, snow, rock, sand, or some other rough, uneven terrain, you need an OTR tire and OTR wheel that will excel in your working environment and stay strong against sidewall damage, especially during severe weather conditions. Every off-the-road tire uses a high synthetic compound for longer wear and resistance to cuts, cracks, and punctures. Depending upon your usage, we have OTR tires with multiple tread pattern designs--rock patterns, rib patterns, smooth patterns, traction patterns, and block patterns. 

Our selection of OTR tires and whee;s is classified by type of vehicle and the application suitable for use. If you are uncertain about what you need, allow our tire experts to help. We’ll help you find the best heavy equipment tires and wheels for your off-the-road needs and even keep you up to date on the latest industry technology.

Vehicles that use OTR tires and wheels include the following:

OTR Tires Auburn, CA

  • Bulldozers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Scrapers
  • Front-End Loaders
  • Tire Dozers
  • Motor Graders
  • Tire Rollers
  • Straddle Carriers
  • Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTGs)
  • Towing Tractors

Let us know what your earthmoving machine or other heavy equipment vehicle requires, and we will help you find the best set of OTR tires and wheels for your needs. Our tire sales staff would love to take the lead on your search for the right OTR tire and wheel. We invite you to call us at (916) 333-2738 or visit us during our business hours.

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Tire & Wheel Mart

Tire & Wheel Mart is a pillar of the Sacramento, CA community. Tire & Wheel Mart is a leader in offering name brand tires and wheels for customers located in and around the Sacramento, California area. Our goal is to focus on customer service. It is the foundation of our business. Tire & Wheel Mart employs a well-trained staff specializing in the sale and installation of passenger car, performance and light truck or SUV tires. Custom wheels are available at Tire & Wheel Mart. Special wheels and rims complement any tire or customer vehicle. Take this opportunity to browse Tire & Wheel Mart website or call us for personalized service.

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